Our Story

Our company honors the story of Julien Fedon and Kromanti Kojo.

Fedon was the son of a French jeweller and a free, black former slave. He was born in Martinique. Sickened by the treatment of the enslaved Africans, he led a revolt during the 18th century in Grenada to abolish slavery and overthrow British colonial rule. Fedon’s rebellion was heavily influenced by Kromanti Kojo, a maroon drummer who was captured during the second Maroon War, then exiled to Grenada. With Kojo’s drum call, the rebels and enslaved Africans from the plantations seized control of most of Grenada establishing a  maroon community in the interior of the island.

Photo credit: Smithsonian magazine (University of Virginia)

The Kromanti people lived off of the land and understood how to use the natural ingredients around them to treat disease and care for themselves and each other. Through stories, folklore, and family secrets, this knowledge has been handed down to us, and we honor the Kromanti history with our range of rums infused with Caribbean herbs, spices, and fruits. We hope that as you create stories of your own, you can feel the connection to the Caribbean and African culture imbued in every bottle.