Founder story


Discovering Rum in reverse

To be honest, my story with Rum starts in reverse. I grew up in a Grenadian household in Yorkshire, England where Rum was part of everyday life. It was present to start life at christenings, to joint lives together through marriage, to celebrate lives lived at funerals; but also to remember lives continually when people are gathered together through stories and pouring libations to ensure those who have passed live on.

My family were part of a strict religious community where abstinence was the order of the day and so this meant that although we didn’t drink, I was a keen observer. What I saw fascinated me as I watched its power to bring people together, reinforce a sense of belonging, and contribute to physical health by combining with Herbal cures.

After 20 years playing Volleyball at a national level, I finally tasted the demon drink and started to experience a life through Rum. Over the next few years I developed a career, got married, raised a family and started to travel more in the Caribbean connecting with my wider family network through marriage. It was these travels that planted the idea to collect and share old family traditions of infusing Rums with local ingredients that varied by island and family.

The Birth of an ‘Enthusiastic amateur’

Alongside my day job in Sports and then Mental Health, I convinced a Grenadian Rum brand to allow me to promote their Rum as its first Rum Ambassador. Working at drinks industry events, I noticed that a regular comment made by ‘newbie’ Rum tasters was the fear a about the strength and power of Rum. Ever one to rise to a challenge, I began to prepare Rums in ways that engaged the memory and senses of the drinker (I learned later that this was called Mixology). At that time, my aim was to Educate about Rum and the history that formed it, Connect with others and their own personal stories, and promote Wellbeing through sharing some knowledge about 'Rum Herbalism'. I had finally became an enthusiastic Amateur ! (the emphasis should be on the Amateur)

So, next time you’re debating which drink to order, consider what more rum has to offer; it's more than just a drink.

Cashain David

Kromanti Distillery & Blending House